Formula: C221H366N72O67S
Weight: 5135.77794

Tesamorelin is a synthetic peptide containing all 44 amino acids of hGRF analog. It has the addition of a trans-3-Hexenoic acid group and is also known by its trade name Egrifta. It was developed in Canada by Theratechnologies, Inc. originally. Tesamorelin works by stimulating the release of growth hormone through the pituitary gland which can in turn cause the breakdown of excess adipose abdominal fat. Clinical trial have shown to reduce lipodystrophy (abnormal body fat composition) in HIV-infeceted individuals. Tesamorelin has a molecular mass of 5135.86 and molecular formula C221H366N72O67S1. Tesamorelin acts as a hypothalamic peptide which means it improves the manufacture and release of growth hormone. Recent research has focused on an effect on the pituitary somatroph cells and may be the basis of testing in further research .