Molecular formula: C212H350N56O78S
Molecular Mass: 4963.4408
CAS number: 77591-33-4

TB-500 is a synthesized version of Thymosin Beta 4 and is a peptide that natural accurs in all animal cells. TB-500 is used by the body to improve differentiated endothelial cells so they can perform specific functions. This peptide is a member of the ubiquitous family of 16 related molecules and works through its ability to regulate the cell- building protein Actin. Actin is an important component of cell structure and is the protein that represents up to 10% of the total proteins, hence playing a majr role in the genetic makeup of a cell. TB-500 has a molecular mass of 4963.44 and molecular formula C212H350N56O78S. This compound is researched for its ability to repair wounds with anti-inflammatory properties. Unlike growth factors, it promotes endothelial and keratinocyte migration and with a very low molecular weight can travel long distances through tissues. TB-500 is believed to be an up-reuglated gene and speeds up the formation of blood vessels and increases new blood cells 4-6 times the normal rate. Research indicates TB-500 could have an application in skin and muscle building along with wound healing.