Active Life: 6-7 days
Chemical formula: C32H37NO8
Dosage: 20mg
Appearance: 30 tablets

Tamoxifen citrate is a drug that has beneficial anti-estrogenic properties, which competitively binds to estrogen receptors which therefore blocks estrogen from exerting effect. Tamoxifen citrate is an effective treatment for breast cancer, as many cancers of the breast are responsive to estrogen, and therefore tamoxifen citrates ability to block estrogen from exerting its action is very welcome and effective. Nolvadex is the brand name of tamoxifen citrate, thus it is commonly referred to as nolvadex, or nolva for short.
The aromatase enzyme is capable of converting many anabolic androgenic steroids into the female hormone, estrogen. Whilst some levels of estrogen can actually be beneficial, excessive levels can bring about unwanted side effects to the user, such as water retention, possible increased fat storage, and gynecomastia.
Gynecomastia is the formation of breast tissue, with sore and/or puffy nipples being early signs of its development. Use of an anti-estrogen such as tamoxifen should be began as soon as possible to reduce the estrogen exerting its effects which could worsen the condition. An anti-aromatase would be even more effective. If left untreated gynecomastia can develop to the point in which it is unsightly and can only be reversed via surgery.