MGF C-Terminal

Formula: C121H200N42O39
Molecular weight: 2888.16

MGF (C-terminal) is mechano growth factor or IGF-1Ec. It is a growth factor that released as a result of the IGF splice variant and appears to stimulate satellite cells into activation. Research shows that IGF-1 splice variants are the main mechanism in the body that produce brand new muscle tissue growth during the regrowth and healing process.
MGF has a molecular weight of 2888.16 and molecular formula C121H200N42O39. When the IGF-1 gene is released during mechanical overload, it is spliced as a result to produce IGF-1Ec (MGF). This in turn stimulates cells into activation and allows new muscle fiber and tissue to grow. C-Terminal refers to the special sequence where the alternative splicing takes place and allows the peptide to act independtly from other parts of the molecule. Because of this it has been found to have neuroprotective effects in vivo and in vitro. By stimulating satellite cells into maturity, MGF can speed up recovery and increase muscle tissure cells.