Melanotan 2

Formula: C50H69N15O9
Molecular weight: 1024.2
CAS: 121062-08-6

Melanotan 2 is a synthetic analog of the naturally occurring melanocortin peptide hormone a-MSH. It was first developed at the University of Arizona as an alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone to produce melanogenesis and libido increasing effects.
Melanotan 2 has a molecular mass of 1024.2 and molecular formula C50H69N15O9. Similar to Melanotan 1 in its ability to stimulate melanogenesis and providing protective mechanism against harmful ultraviolet radiation, Melanotan 2 yielded other characteristics of aphrodisiac effects. Research is continuing on Melanotan 2 and scientists hoped to use the peptide to prevent melanoma by stimulating natural pigmentary mechanism without sun damage and harmful UV radiation. Melanotan 2 stand alone or as part of any drug is not for human consumption or use and is meant for research purposes only.