CJC-1295 (DAC)

Molecular formula: C165H269N47O46
Molar Mass: 3647.15
CAS number: 863288-34-0

CJC-1295 (DAC) CJC-1295 with DAC complex was developed by Canadian scientists with purpose to increase effective half-life period of growth hormone release hormone or GHRH. The compound contains 30 amino acids and is in the class of tetrasubtituted peptide hormones. CJC-1295 with DAC shows potential to increase growth hormone and IGF-1 secretion with no increase in prolactin.
CJC-1295 with DAC complex has a greater ability to bind towards GHRH receptors. It is a modified form of GRF 1-29. This prevents the hormone from degradation and leads to effective fat loss. The advantage of this compound is its ability to promote the synthesis of protein. It builds protecting groups around the amino acids of GHRH usually susceptible to degradation. CJC-1295 is a tetrasubstituted peptide hormone containing 30 amino acids with molecular mass of 3647.28 and formula C165H269N47O46. Early studies on this compound were done in the 2000’s and were generally very successful as the peptide was being studied to get rid of visceral fat cells and deposits through higher exogenous HgH levels. Researchers are looking at CJC 1295 with DAC as a compound with a relatively long half-life, tests are showing somewhere between 5.8-8.1 days with IGF-1 levels staying elevated over 30 days. New research is looking into CJC 1295’s ability to aid in slow wave or deep sleep.