Formula: C207H308N56O58S1
Molecular weight: 1815.1
CAS: 221231-10-3

AOD9604 is also referred to as tyr-somatostatin 177-191. It contains 14 amino acids and belongs to the synthetic peptide class. It works by slowing down lipogenesis (the transformation of non fat food materials converting to fat cells) and stimulates lipolysis (the breakdown of fat cells). It appears to have no effect on insulin resistance or growth.
AOD9604 has a molecular mass of 1815.1 and is a synthetic peptide containing 14 amino acids and is defined as an analogue of GH. Its formula is C78H13O23S2. Researchers at Monash unbiversity conducted studies over a decade ago about its metabolic effects on obesity in animals. The results found that 176-191 target obese fat cells and not lean cells. Along with its ability to slow lipogenesis and promote lipolysis it is also being researched as its ability to lower cholesterol. It is rich in proline which allows it easy access to proteases, resulting in changes to cytoplasmic domains. While targeting obese cells it had no negative effect on the sensibility of insulin. The fragment AOD9604 is for research purposes only.