Formula: C111H204N36O28S2
Molecular weight: 2555.22

Adipotide is a peptidomimetic substance with a structural sequence of CKGGRAKDC-GG-D(KLAKLAK)2. Adipotide selectively acts and shrinks the adipose tissue fat supplying blood vessels and induce apoptosis. In primates and rodents, Adipotide significantly induce weight loss by rapid fat elimination. The compound directly acts on fat cells due to high affinity towards two receptors such as prohibitin and ANXA2. The investigative compound was developed by a team of US scientists; intended only for research applications.
Adipotide has a sequence of CKGGRAKDC-GG-D(KLAKLAK)2. and is a peptidomimetic compound. This refers to the fact that it has similar properties to peptides that occur in nature. Research has been conducted in mice and rhesus monkeys that reveals its positive effects on weight loss and fat reduction. Adipotide appears to be linked to specific blood vessels which directly relate to adipose tissue. As these vessels start to shrink, it can lead to apoptosis of tissue. It’s designed to bind to two receptors (ANXA2 and prohibitin) having a direct effect on fat cells. The compound was created by American Scientists in recent years during laboratory experiments on obesity and is produced for lab experiments and research purposes only.