ACTH 1-39

Formula: C207H308N56O58S1
Molecular weight: 4541.1
CAS: 9002-60-2

is also known as Adrenocorticotropic hormone, contains 39 amino acids. Its research reveals its primary effects are in the endogenous melanocortin receptors agonist in which stimulates the cell’s surface causing the secretion of androgenic and corticosteroids.
ACTH 1-39 has a molecular formula of C207H308N56O58S and belongs to the peptide/protein hormone class, containing 39 amino acids its molecular mass is 4541.11. Research beginning in the 1930’s was focused on adrenal cortex stimulation. The protein being synthesized in 1963. Adrenocorticotropic hormone, known as ACTH 1-39 acts in strong endogenous melanocortin receptors stimulating the surface of the cell, this leads to the secretion of corticosteroids and androgenic steroids. It plays a key role in abnormal development in metabolic syndrome and activity through the HPA stress axis. This peptides effects are still being investigated and Adrenocorticotropic hormone must be used as a research compound only.